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How Church Members Can Help Bring Newnan Residents Together

Well since the first of this year we’ve been addressing what is a pretty hot topic these days in our culture. Because you know everybody that I talked to these days seems to believe that right now where we are there seems to be a lot of division between people and it just seems to be growing.

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It’s like everyone seems to be standing on opposite sides of issues digging in their heels and there’s no possible way for people to come together. It’s like we can’t talk to each other anymore. We can’t even be civil to each other.

Believers Can Be A Force For Change

But we believe as followers of Jesus that we are the church and we should be different. We should be a force for the opposite. We should be the champions of civility. The champions of cooperation. We should be bringing people together and not dividing them.

And so we’ve been just asking this question in this series what can we do individually as followers of Jesus to fix this problem. To help bridge the divide that exists between people in our society these days. And specifically what we’ve been learning is that there are some things taught in the Bible. Some things that Christ’s followers have been called to do that we can do for everyone. In all times. Every situation. Every single person there are some things that we can do.

Things like serving and respect and honor. And we said if we can begin to do these things to everyone in all circumstances then we could be a part of the solution. We can be a part of seeing this divide that we exist in right now bridge between people.

And today just to warn you about the topic we’re going to cover. We’re going to get a little bit personal today. You know so far we talked about some big issues. Some overarching kind of concepts today.

Where Does Division Occur?

I want to talk to you about something that I think gets real close to home. That gets real key to the areas where we find ourselves divided in our schools. Our workplaces. Even our families are. The relationships that we have right near our own homes. So I want to start by just getting you to imagine a few scenarios with me. Sort of put yourself mentally in these places. And my guess is some of you it won’t be that hard. Because maybe you’ve experienced some of these things before.

Let’s say you’re driving down the road and minding your own business. And you haven’t done anything that you can tell that’s wrong. And all of a sudden the guy behind you pulls up beside you to pass you and as he goes by he flips you off. And not only that he pulls in front of you and it slams on the brake. And in that moment what do you feel. Well what do you think. Well what do you want to do now….

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