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Newnan GA Residents Can Have More Than Enough Abundance

The following sermon was presented om July 3, 2016.  It’s critical to understand how you can truly live the abundant life.  This applies to the members of Christians located  in Newnan GA and beyond. Take the time to read this post and then listen to the full sermon.  You will find key insights to help you live the way God intends you to.

Well guys we’re about halfway through with our series more than enough. Before we jump into today’s topic let me just talk to you a little bit about why this series I think is so important.

You know Jesus himself said that people who follow him would have a certain kind of life that God would be close to them.  And Jesus described a life of what we call more than enough. He said there would be more than enough life. There would be more than enough joy. There would be more than enough peace. More than enough love. More than enough power for you every single day.

Gap Between The Abundant Life And Reality

But now here’s the problem we’ve talked about. This for most people who follow Jesus they experience what we call a gap. A gap between what Jesus said was possible and what life is really like. A gap between this life of being of living more than enough and the life that we really live.

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And so most Christ followers walk around every day trying to fix the gap. Trying to close the gap between what Jesus said was possible and what’s real. And so we do all kinds of different things. We said that a lot of people they try to solve the problem by just working harder. You know we get up earlier. We read more bible. We pray more. We get into this hyper religious kind of life and we just work harder at it. And most people still can’t close the gap.

Then we said so most people just wind up faking it. A lot of Christians walk around every single day and they act like they don’t have a problem. There is no gap. You know I’m doing fine and the truth is they’re not. And then eventually people who do that long enough they just give up. And they realize that I can’t close the gap. There’s nothing I can do to fix it. They probably think it’s just hopeless and so they just sort of give up.

Holy Spirit Is The Key

But when Jesus talked about that life.  That more than enough kind of life. Jesus used an interesting image. It was a word picture we’ve been looking at it in this series. It’s in John chapter 7 verse 38. Jesus describes this life. He said it’s gonna be like a river. A river of living water and it’s going to flow out of the heart. Out of the very core of your life of who you are. And in fact the next thing he goes on to explain it’s God’s Holy Spirit living inside of us. And a few weeks ago we talked about how the Spirit works. We said the spirit it’s just like that image. It’s like a flow of water. It’s like a stream. It’s like a wave and it’s constantly there. God’s Spirit is constantly moving providing the power that we need to live life.

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And it’s our job to get out of the way. To not stop that and to step into the flow of God’s Spirit. In fact we talked about how it’s kind of like surfing. You know when you’re in the ocean you don’t provide the power. You just learn how to get in the flow of the waves and they provide the movement. And if we can just learn how to do that and step into the flow of what God’s Spirit wants to do in our lives. He provides the power. He provides what we need to live that more than enough kind of life.

God’s spirit is like that. It’s like a wave of grace come in every moment. Every moment it’s like a new opportunity. In every single moment of your life to live this kind of life that God’s spirit wants to provide for us. My job is I just get out of the way and I stop interrupting what God wants to do in my life.

And then a couple of weeks ago if you were here you know we talked about how to get that done. And we said that the Bible actually describes some behaviors that we need to, Some thought patterns that just sort of get in the way.

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