Community Christian Church

Humbly Serving Newnan

Relax! You don’t have to dress up. We don’t care who you voted for in the last election. And you don’t have to pretend about anything.

You can come as you are.

Our goal is to create a place where people who don’t like church can come and find out about faith, God, the Bible and Jesus. Everyone is welcome here!

Whatever your story, your doubts, your problems – you are welcome here.


Community Christian is a collection of imperfect people who have a simple desire:

To connect people to Jesus and together grow with them in our devotion to Him.

Look around and then come to one of our locations and join us!


Excerpt from our Imagine Heaven sermon series.

“We are so glad you are here for this series imagine heaven. You know I have been looking forward to teaching what we’re gonna teach in this series for quite some time.  About as excited as I have been about teaching anything you know in quite some time.

The whole start of this series began more than a year ago.  I saw a book with this title Imagine Heaven. Written by a guy that I somewhat knew. And when I say that I mean he’s a guy that we have a lot of mutual friends. We have been in similar circles. I don’t want to say we’re friends but I know who he is. And he’s a guy that started a church. His name is John Burke and it’s a church a lot like Community Christian.  Probably a lot more polished than Community Christian. In fact we stole the title the phrase no perfect people from them.

John is a very bright guy he had studied engineering and practiced engineering for a while.   He’s a you got to prove it to me kind of skeptical guy. He can do research. So I’m confident spelling is not a problem for John like it is for me.

But because I knew who he was. And I knew his background. And I knew that he was the kind of skeptical guy. When I saw the topic of this book I was fascinated. And so I grabbed it and just so you know I have now read this book through a couple of times. Parts of it I’ve read many many times over.

Everyone wonders about what happens when you die. I mean is there a God? Does heaven have a plan for me? What’s going to happen after we die. And you know even though we’re sort of fascinated with this. And you don’t have to look too far to see in songs and books and movies and TV channels of things talked about spirits. And you know near-death experiences and what happens after. It’s just everywhere. We have this

fascination with it. But we also sort of live in denial about it and what I mean by that is nobody really wants to talk about death. We want to hear about what might happen. But we don’t really want to focus on the fact that we’re gonna die. Which is really odd because there’s a hundred percent chance you’re gonna die. We’re all checking out the same way around here but we don’t like to talk about that.”

To hear the full message from senior pastor Ed Martin click the video below.