Newnan is city situated in Coweta County, Georgia. This is one the most prosperous cities in America with over 50,000 inhabitants.  Moreover, Newnan is a favorite destination for tourist.  In this city, there are numerous attraction sites.  Here are top Newnan Georgia top landmarks:

#1. Oak Hill Cemetery

This is one of the main landmarks in Newnan city. This 60-acre property was established in 1833 and has over 12,000 gravesites. It is located in the north of downtown Newnan and is the resting place for some of the famous people in the County. Some of these prominent citizens include several members of Congress and two Georgian governors. Moreover, Oak Hill is a resting place for numerous soldiers from World War I&II, Vietnam and Korean War.

#2. Carl Miller Park

This is the most popular recreational facility in Newnan City, Georgia. It was expanded in 2008 to include additional picnic tables, pavilion, restroom, and parking facilities. This 14-acre park, which opens daily, can accommodate thousands of visitors.

Dunaway Gardens

Located on the outskirts of Newnan, Dunaway Gardens is a favorite spot for many people. It was created by Hettie Jane Dunaway. The gardens open seasonally for weddings, tours, and special events. It was neglected for years but has been restored to original state.

#3. Coweta Veterans Plaza

This is one the major landmarks in Newnan, Georgia. It is located south of the Newnan at Jackson and Temple Street. The veteran monument was unveiled on the Memorial Day in 2009. In this place, bronze statues are honoring the local leaders. Each year, the Veteran and Memorial Day Services are held at the Veterans Plaza.

#4. McRitchie-Hollis Museum

This museum was renovated in 1937 and contains exhibit from the World War II. In this museum, you have a glimpse of how life was like during the World War II and the great depression. This museum is attributed to the donation of Mr. Edgar B. Hollis.

Conclusively, Newnan is a popular tourist destination in the Coweta County. There are Newnan Georgia top landmarks that are worth seeing.