Newnan, situated in Coweta County, boasts of numerous tourist attractions. In fact, this is the most preferred destination in Georgia State. The famous Newnan Georgia parks include:

#1. Temple Avenue Park

This is a 2.5-acre recreational facility located within the Temple Avenue district. This park is situated on the site that was former Temple Avenue Elementary school and Newnan High School. To the west of the Temple Avenue Park is the renowned Male Academy. There is large water fountain located in the middle of the park. Also, there is a small exhibition area that is reserved for weddings.

#2. Greenville Street Park

This a two-acre park situated in the downtown Newnan. This is a strategic park found on the edge of the La Grange / Greenville residential neighborhood. It has a terraced area that is used as an amphitheater. Moreover, the park has a water fountain, covered pavilion, and brick plazas. It also includes two sculptures and plenty of chairs and tables.

#2. C.J. Smith Park

This 12-acre park is located along the Farmer Street. It has an adult-size softball field that is home to Coweta softball leagues. C.J. Smith Park has a 27 space parking lot, spectator bench, restrooms, and various playground equipment. Moreover, there are numerous picnic tables and grills to cater for large gatherings. This park is a home to African American Heritage Museum.

#3. Cranford Park

This is a 70-acre recreational facility located along the Jackson Street. It sits within the residential district and stretches up to the famous Oak Hill Cemetery. Cranford Park consists of meandering concrete and brick walkways. In fact, this is the most heavily landscaped parks in Newnan City.

#4. Lynch Park

It is located along Richard Allen Drive and Wesley Street. It is named after Willie Lynch- a former City Council Member. It contains Pickett Field, Street pool, baseball and softball field. Moreover, the park has playground equipment.

In conclusion, there are numerous parks that a perfect of recreation in Newnan. Other popular parks include Ray Park and Westgate Park.