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Prayed for 15 times.

Earlene Millington

My husband " Butch " was diagnosed with 4th stage lung cancer that spread to bone in shoulder & lower back middle of Nov. Since tried radiation & 1 treatment of chemo & wasn't able to tolerate. Chemo made him worse & isn't able to attend church.

Received: April 3, 2016

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Prayed for 12 times.


A good friend of our family has been in a car accident where his car was crushed under a semi truck. The boy is only 19 and is in critical condition. We are praying for a miracle because his chances of survival are slim, and even smaller that he will live without permanent disability due to severe brain damage. He has had a troubled past but has really started to turn it around in the past year or so. I am not only praying for a miracle here, but for peace for his family for no matter what God's will is.

Received: March 28, 2016

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Prayed for 13 times.

Elizabeth Webb

Thank you for all of the prayers for our son Austin. Please contribute to pray As he is still recovering from injuries he received on February 19th in a tragic car accident. We are meeting with Austin's surgeon tomorrow and expect to learn whether a portion of his tibia has blood supply or has died. Austin had had a difficult time emotionally since the accident and we are reminding him that God has a wonderful plan for him. We are praying that Austin's bone will hold on.

Received: March 24, 2016

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Prayed for 14 times.


I appreciate the prayers in regards to my February request concerning DFCS and my children, and impending family stress. We thought that everything was pretty much done with DFCS, because we went through the required family counseling and an anger management assessment, but due to DFCS cases being so backed up, no one updated our case or requested paperwork from the services we completed. We were served court papers for April saying that we refused to cooperate with either of the previously mentioned services, and are filing a petition to have a protection order placed and an guardian ad litem for our kids. Aka, they are now trying to take away our kids and prevent us from having contact with them if they are able to do that. We contacted our family counselor and the therapist that did our anger management assessments, and they re-sent the paperwork to to DFCS, we contacted our social worker who said she believed that the old social worker was the one who filed it, but she knows that we did do everything we were supposed to and would look into it. We also contacted the regional manager who said she would look into it. We are hoping they cancel this court date, but if they do not for some reason, we will hire a lawyer and fight them on April 13. I know that common sense says we have hard proof we did do what they requested so we shouldn't have to go to court or worry about having our children taken away to some stranger's home, but I've learned to expect the unexpected from these people. It would kill me to have my babies taken when we did not deserve for any of this to happen in the first place, but I'm afraid it would probably end up destroying my husband an my relationship as well. And I'm terrified of the idea of our kids being abused by strangers or not having any contact with them. We need prayers please, this is a nightmare that won't go away. Thank you.

Received: March 20, 2016

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Prayed for 16 times.

Tim Kiernan

I am praying to bring Stacy and I back together. I pray for Jesus to touch her heart , wipe away the thoughts and beliefs that were put into her mind by others. let her heart feel the love, trust , companionship , friendship, and the closeness we shared together for so long. Guide us spiritually to a new and long life together. Bless us and forgive those that came between us , and let us share a relationship in the eyes of God .

Received: March 15, 2016

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Prayed for 3 times.

Elizabeth Webb

Please pray for my son Austin who will undergo an extensive surgery tomorrow to repair his tibia and ankle broken in his car wreck on February 19th. This is a big surgery and he has a long road to recovery.

Received: March 7, 2016

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Prayed for 3 times.

Lynn Stinchcomb

Please say a prayer for Darla Vicente. She had a fall in her home and did not break anything, but is sore and swollen. She also had a car accident not too long ago and now this fall. She is a greeter for the noon service at Sharpsburg and we will miss her smiling face. Pray for her quick recovery.

Received: February 28, 2016

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Prayed for 10 times.

Elizabeth Webb

Terrible morning. Austin is in extreme pain. The doctors are trying to understand why his pain has not reduced. They have increased his meds back to what he was receiving when he arrived on this unit on Friday night. I am literally sick for him. The are no words to describe hearing your child writhing in pain and begging you to help him. A double dose of morphine broke through his latest pain spell. The doctors are consulting now on a strategy for moving forward. Pray for peace and comfort.

Received: February 25, 2016

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Prayed for 8 times.

Benjamin Martin

Please pray for Austin Webb. He was in a car wreck earlier today and has been taken to Grady hospital to be treated for injuries. Pray for comfort for him and his family and be with the other driver\'s family as well.

Received: February 19, 2016

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Prayed for 18 times.

Phil Chavez

Please Pray GOD sends me a life partner quickly real soon In JESUS Name

Received: February 18, 2016

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