Community Christian Church

Humbly Serving Senoia

Relax! You don’t have to dress up. We don’t care who you voted for in the last election. And you don’t have to pretend about anything.

You can come as you are.

Our goal is to create a place where people who don’t like church can come and find out about faith, God, the Bible and Jesus. Everyone is welcome here!

Whatever your story, your doubts, your problems – you are welcome here.


Community Christian is a collection of imperfect people who have a simple desire:

To connect people to Jesus and together grow with them in our devotion to Him.

Look around and then come to one of our locations and join us!


Excerpt from our Doin’ Time sermon series.

“I have seen something else under the sun: The race is not to the swift or the battle to the strong, nor does food come to the wise or wealth to the brilliant or favor to the learned; but time and chance happen to them all. Ecclesiastes 9:11

You have to figure out at some point there has to be another box other than under the sun. Because under the sun life is just sort of random and you always come up against the same kind of things. They don’t go in an even fair kind of way.

And the whole time he is talking about this. He (Solomon) is just sort of taunting us. He is sort of playing with us. He is sort of baiting us with the question that eventually, hopefully. He is hoping you will say wait a minute Solomon. What if there is another category than just life under the sun? What if your right it’s futile and meaningless?

But what if the meaning of life is not found under the sun? It’s found someplace else?

At which point Solomon smiles back and says now you get it. Now you see it. Life under the sun your right it’s absolutely meaningless. You didn’t miss it. You didn’t make it up. You were not just bitter. Your right it’s random. It’s meaningless.

But what if there is something else than life under the sun? And right in the middle of all this talk about meaningless and futility he plants this beautiful thought. He is talking about god and he says.

He has made everything beautiful in it’s time. Ecclesiastes 3:11

In the midst of all the randomness. In the midst of all the stuff that doesn’t make any sense. In the midst of me trying to do the right thing. And the right thing doesn’t come back. He says every once in a while there is something you see that is so beautiful it takes your breath away. And all the meaningless goes out of focus and it fades into the background.”

To hear the full message from senior pastor Ed Martin click the video below.