Share the gift of gratitude with others this year

ThanksGifting is an opportunity for followers of Jesus to imitate the generosity that our Heavenly Father has towards us. As followers of Jesus, we are so thankful for every good gift (including relational, circumstantial, emotional, spiritual, etc…) that God has blessed us with, and out of this gratitude we want to be as generous with others as God has been with us.

You are invited to join us in gifting to someone else the same spirit of gratitude and generosity that was gifted to you.

Here's how:

  • Give a gift to someone in your life who you are thankful for.
  • DO NOT simply give a gift to your spouse or children.
  • DO NOT give the gift anonymously.
  • Have a conversation with them.
  • Let them know that this gift is not because THEY NEED it, but because YOU NEED to be generous in response to all Jesus has given you. 
  • Tell them that they are one of those gifts, and so you want to bless them with the same spirit of gratitude and generosity that God has given you.
  • Give them the ThanksGifting card on this website, and invite them to go to the website to see others' stories and to share their own story.
  • This website will also let them know about our Christmas Anywhere experience, and invite them to be a part.
  • So it would be best for you to choose someone to give your gift to that you might invite to watch the Christmas Anywhere experience with you during the week of Christmas.

Below is attached a printable copy of the ThanksGifting card that you should deliver with your gift. If you don't have access to a printer, stop by the church office to pick up a free card from us. 

If you would like to receive reimbursement (up to $100) for your gift, please e-mail [email protected] with a receipt and a story of what you did.